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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Enter Blog

It’s a new year, and I’m starting a blog. After I made this thing, it occurred to me that writing a blog will probably be counterproductive to the one New Year’s resolution I hope to keep, which is to waste less of my life on the time suck known as the Internet. But I overcame that potential problem by reminding myself that I might be too lazy to update this puppy very often.

This blogging stuff is pretty cool. Every once in a blue moon, I read other people’s blogs—-blogs belonging to people I know, people I don’t know, groups of people, and even a blog purporting to be written by a dog. My mom asked me what the purpose of a blog is, and I told her the purpose depends on the content. To which she responded that the content depends on the purpose. Touche. But I don't claim to have a purpose. I definitely don't plan to write detailed updates about my life, because I don't flatter myself that that would be interesting material. Likewise, I don't plan to offer lengthy treatises on specific topics (unless the mood strikes, but it probably won't). So I think I'll stick to writing snippets about whatever comes to mind. I'm guessing that will often include tidbits about what I'm reading/watching/listening to. Maybe I'll toss in a picture or two for good measure.

Blogs can serve as a nice record. A couple years ago, I visited the Xanga I kept in ninth and tenth grade, and reading it was an experience that I can best characterize as hilarious, depressing, and embarrassing all at once (the last time I felt that same range of emotions was when--wait, TMI). But regardless of the often questionable content of those posts, they reminded me of things and people I'd forgotten about. Some of those things included the books I read at the time and the sometimes atrocious (occasionally laudable) music selections I made. That's a pretty thorough time capsule. For more on time capsules, check out this guy. Quite an impressive list of contents. A Butt Blaster instruction manual? Really?

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